Customer Service and Privacy Policy

Marine Pump Direct's customer service goal is simple; to provide our customers total satisfaction, every time, guaranteed. Contact us at or call 707-426-5143, (week days 9:00AM to 5:00PM Pacific Standard Time).  


PRIVACY: takes your privacy seriously. We will never sell your data or share your data with other companies.  Please note how your data will be used.

Data For Payment collects the following  information for payment processing:
Address (billing and shipping)
Credit/Debit card details
IP address

The information is collected so that payment can be processed and shipping can occur. The payment data will be shared with a payment processor as well as the order total and possibly order details such as the products ordered. Payment processors include:

Data For Shipping
In order to ship a physical good, a shipping address is needed as well as information like product weight, box sizes, and order totals. This information will be shared with the shipper of the order including but not limited to:

Data For Tax

Your shipping address and product details will be used internally so that an accurate tax calculation can be made.

Data For Analytics
Pages browsed will be tracked by Google Analytics and will be logged by the Web Server. The information tracked and logged will include your IP address.

Data Collected When Browsing The Store
If you fill out our Request a Quote or Pump Selection Help form we will collect your name, e-mail addresses and phone number so that we can reply to you. If you email us we will collect your email address. If you use our site search the search term entered and your IP address is collected.

Cookies are small files stored by your browser on your device. They are used to remember preferences and improve the browsing and checkout experience. Our shopping cart uses the following cookies:
Shopping Basket Cookie- sets a basket ID to correlate to your temporary shopping cart file.
Shopper Cookie- saves email, billing address and shipping address so that the next time you check out your address information is already populated. This cookie is created when you submit an order.

Data Retention
Orders- When an order is completed the order information (including email, name, address, products, shipping method, etc.) is stored in a database. That information remains indefinitely or until manually deleted.

Data Removal
Orders- contact us to remove order data.
Cookies- can be cleared from your browser by you. The method used depends on the browser and device.

Fulfilling Data Requests
Contact us if you need a copy of your orders.